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Transformative Insight Imagery®

  • What is Transformative Insight Imagery®?

    Imagery is something we all do. It is the way the mind naturally encodes, stores, and expresses information. It is a symbolic language of the mind and the body, both in our alert state and in our unconscious dreaming state. T.I.I. is a process that expands our consciousness by bridging our wakeful awareness with the rich resources of our unconscious. In T.I.I., the images are conjured from the imagers own mind and experiences while the imager is fully awake.. T.I.I. is like “wakeful dreaming,” and bridges our subconscious with our conscious mind, so the imager can access “answers” for their healing that are not otherwise available. The process of doing T.I.I. empowers imagers that they have an abundance of resources and can trust themselves. Therefore, T.I.I. is NOT a form of hypnotherapy nor a form of guided imagery. T.I.I. was created by Dr. Charlotte Smith. Transformative Insight Imagery developed out of Transformational Imagery, originated by Dr. John Shaffer. He was trained in psychology and received his basic counseling training under Dr. Carl Rogers while at the University of Chicago in the mid 1950’s. Dr. Charlotte Smith attended Dr. Schaeffer’s workshops and studied with him while completing her dissertation on this technique. Dr. Smith “transformed” Dr. Schaeffer’s idea into Transformative Insight Imagery. Dr. Smith conducted workshops from the 1970’s through 2001, when she retired. Kelli Underwood began training under Dr. Smith in 1998 and conducting workshops in 2004. In 2009, Dr. Charlotte Smith transferred her copyrighted materials to Kelli Underwood to continue Transformative Insight Imagery. Kelli Underwood owns all rights to Transformative Insight Imagery®
  • Two Tracks of Workshops

    Transformative Insight Imagery ® is a versatile, powerful, transferable tool that will expand and supplement your other techniques in exciting and creative ways. Participants consistently leave the all day workshops amazed and in awe of how transformative the work is and how immediately useful it is. “Worth every dollar,” “fantastic,” and “I can’t wait for the next workshop!” are frequent comments. Two tracks of T.I.I. workshops are offered- Trainings for healing practitioners and for non-practitioners. The framework for the all day workshops is the same, but the practitioner trainings will focus more on how to integrate TII into their practice, while the healing workshops will focus more on integrating the T.I.I. work into your daily life. All of the T.I.I. workshops are experiential in nature, as we believe “learning by doing” expands our capacities to support clients to do deeply transformative work. In T.I.I., we believe the more whole the practitioner is, the greater his/her capacity for supporting clients to do deeply transformative work.

    Workshop Levels

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    Level 1 Workshop

    In the Level 1 workshop, participants will build on the internal resources so that they can immediately teach these resources to others and use the resources for your own self-care. Participants will also experience and co-facilitate two processes, healing an area of the body and retrieving a lost self. Participants will depart with numerous, immediate methods for integrating T.I.I. into their professional and personal lives.

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    Level 2 Workshop

    Participants become the “star of their inner universe,” traveling through their inner universe and discovering which areas are more developed and integrated. Participants transform one “staging area” that needs healing. By the end of the day, further integration and balance is ignited and participants will be more competent in co-facilitating his/her partner. The day ends with profound energy experiences that leave each person grounded and more clear about their path towards wholeness.

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    Level 3 Workshop

    This advanced workshop is a holographic experience. Participants awaken into expanded consciousness, feel their connectedness and individuality in the global universe, strengthen their trust in their inner resources and wisdom, and install their experience of what wholeness feels like into their life.
  • Audio CD of T.I.I.

    Developing Your Inner Resources

    Audio CD of the foundational resources for Transformative Insight Imagery experiential workshops. The resources you discover internally can be used in your every day life in endless ways, such as to strengthen your coping skills, be more grounded, manage pain, improve your sleep, or decrease anxiety. The cd includes an Energy Flow that teaches you how to ground, clear and protect your energy throughout the day; Finding your Center, Visiting Your Brains, Balancing your Brains, Brain Travel and Meeting A Wise Guide. Each track has an explanatory introduction. This cd requires your full attention and should not be listened to while operating machinery.

    Illustration: Anika Sproull Producer: Eric Sproull

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