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Speaker - Consultant - Psychotherapist

Organizational Change

Are you concerned about your workplace or employees? Is the office culture getting in the way of productivity? How much do you value increased productivity? A positive working environment creates happier, healthier employees and increases productivity.

Kelli Underwood is a consultant for positive change. She can bring your organization or company back into alignment with its mission statement. She will provide fresh, operational ideas and support your organization through successful integration of the changes.

A motivational TEACHER who is an expert in change, Kelli can creatively facilitate your unique plan. Individuals and organizations can align to their goals and learn how to create sustainable change.

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Kelli will customize a staff retreat, consult with decision makers, or develop a training and action plan that suits your unique needs.

Scheduling options:

  • Half-day trainings or retreats
  • All-day trainings or retreats
  • Consultations by the hour
  • Consultation packages


Kelli will gather all relevant data from decision makers and employees, obtain a comprehensive assessment of the challenges and resiliencies, provides recommendations and an action plan. Kelli’s feedback is honest and insightful and her solutions are concrete, applicable, and teachable.

Consultations may be scheduled by the hour, or by package.

Staff Retreats

If your employees need a day together to address specific objectives, Kelli will collaboratively create the retreat you desire that ignites the action plan you need. Kelli is experienced in creating a context where individual employees can honestly self reflect on their contributions to the challenges and collaborate on innovative ways to change the culture. Your employees will enjoy their highly productive day with Kelli.

Team-Building Experiences

Kelli’s energy, enthusiasm and humor are contagious. She facilitates a safe atmosphere where people can experience co-workers in new ways and foster alliances. She can lift morale and strengthen your team by building on their strengths, all while having fun.


"As individuals and collectively our business has flourished through Kelli’s innovative personal development and team building techniques."

International Marketing Director for Serenigy

Here’s what Charles Schwab Performance Technologies says about their Team Building Experience with Kelli:

"Kelli’s team building event was a lot of fun and really helped me think about the importance of how I interact with my peers. The exercises helped me learn more about my team members and showed I had more in common with them then I knew. It also made me laugh and was a great way to build rapport! I came away from the event feeling closer to my team members and with a greater recognition for how we could accomplish so much more together then individually. It was a great experience overall."


"Kelli was extremely engaging and inspirational. Her contagious smile, interesting and entertaining group exercises, and captivating presence motivated and encouraged us to form into a better team. I only wish Kelli could have spent the entire day with us."


"Kelli does a great job of framing powerful motivational quotes in a way that translates into a plan of action for an organization."


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